Digital labels

Let’s Go Green

Digital Labels officially announces releasing “Lets go green” campaign. The main target of this campaign is to help protect the environment as much as possible in the label printing and packaging industry. This campaign runs in a set of phases and in each phase one or several factors will be studied and considered to become more environment friendly.

The first phase of this campaign will consist of using recyclable plastic cores rather than carton cores. Our new plastic cores have several advantages. First, the core’s plastic material used is recyclable. Moreover, unlike the carton cores the plastic cores can be used several times with no damage. On the other hand, the plastic cores are more expensive than carton cores. To avoid increasing costs Digital Labels decided to offer the plastic cores to customers with no extra charges as long as the customers return the cores to Digital Labels to be used again.

The use of the recyclable plastic cores will be optional to customers. Let’s go green and save the environment together.

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