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Flexible Packaging

What is flexible packaging?

Flexible packaging is a general description of any package with a shape that can be easily changed. It consists of a combination of high-quality materials like plastic films and Aluminum foil that aim to protect, distribute and market a wide range of products. Flexible packaging can take many shapes including pouches, wraps, liners and bags. Moreover, flexible packaging opened the way for many products to exist in super market shelves today that was not possible previously, thanks to the extended shelf-life properties given by flexible packages.

What are the main advantages of flexible packaging?

• Extended shelf-life

• Product safety and contamination protection

• Easy to use

• Easy handling

• Easy storage

• Maintains Freshness and aroma

• Excellent printability

• Uses less energy in production

• Reduces Food waste

Stand-up pouch

A stand-up pouch has a unique appearance on the shelf. The bottom gusset of the pouch gives it strength to hold its products. It’s a cost-effective product compared to rigid containers and easy to store or handle. It’s the best solution for various products like powder, detergents, foods and snack. Zipper can be added to this pouch so it can be used multiple times. The rigidity of the pouch with the right selection of barrier materials make it a very good solution for products that need long shelf life.


Two Side Seal Pouch

A two-side seal pouch is a flat pouch sealed from two sides and open from one side for filling. They can be made of a single or multilayer film that is suitable to be used for a wide variety of products. The two-side seal pouch has a higher filling capacity compared to a three-side seal pouch.


Three Side Seal Pouch

A Three-side seal pouch is a flat pouch sealed from three sides and open from one side for filling (no gussets). They can be made of a single or multilayer film that is suitable to be used for a wide variety of products. The three-side seal pouch is known for its high strength and uniform shape.


Center Seal Pouch

As its name describes the center seal pouch has an obvious sealing line. It’s a lay-flat pouch that suitable for packaging powders, frozen foods, solids with different weights depending on the product filled. Side Gussets can be added to this pouch to maximize the volume especially for small-sized pouch (example: coffee pouches).


Quad Seal Pouch

A quad seal pouch consists of two side gussets that maximize the volume of a pouch. No obvious Seal line appears in this pouch. The gussets can be printed which gives more area for adding information or making special designs. Unlike the gusseted center seal pouch, the gusset corners are rigid and have a nice appearance on the shelf. It is suitable for powders, coffee, detergents, etc. Handle punch can be added for holding the bag.


Flexible Packaging Roll

These rolls offer full wrap to different products. It can be made of mono-layer or multilayer material to suit the product at a reasonable cost. The roll application of flexible packaging increases the productivity with a lower cost. Examples includes pasta, Chocolate, Biscuits, snacks, bread…etc.



Selecting the right material depends on the barrier properties and shelf life that is needed for the product. The gas barrier properties and humidity protection are important factors that need to be considered. In Digital Labels we offer a wide variety of materials that suit different types of packages including PET, OPP, CPP, PE…. etc.